Beauty in the details


Today I took a walk to the Suomenoja bird reservoir to see if there are already a lot water birds nesting. It definitely looks promising! There’s going to be an event on 7th May between 10am-3pm, so if you are into watching birds and nature photographs, it might be a good idea to visit!


It’s an early Spring, snow has melt away but the green leaves and grass is yet to come.. Still, even the landscape is quite bleak, there’s beauty in the details.


The bed of reeds is gently moving with the wind.


Dried flowers remind us of last summer.


Catkins with their soft fur like tiny little kittens climbing on the willow.


Aspen with beautiful details, looks almost like a painting.


Birch tree having buds, ready to bring the green shade back into the landscape.


And coltsfoot peaking through the ground, reminding us that sunny summer days are almost here! Enjoy the Spring….

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