Autumn colours


Autumn is here and ‘ruska’ is at its best at the moment. Ruska is a special name for the beautiful colours that emerge in the nature when the plants prepare themselves for winter.


Last weekend I went for a hike in the Nuuksio National park, this time around Sorlampi. I had read in advance that the trail would be approximately 5km but I think I ended up hiking for more than 10km. Probably I didn’t pay attention to the trail marks while admiring the colourful nature..


I started my hike in Espoo but at some point of time the sign boards pointed to Helsinki.


I feel the bright yellow, red, purple etc. give a lot of energy to the autumn days. This is definitely needed as the daylight time is getting shorter as winter is approaching.


I love the four seasons in Finland, the nature keeps continuously changing. All seasons have their unique character.


Make sure you put Finland ruska time on your travel bucket list! Nature is beautiful in the capital area but many people prefer to visit the northern part of Finland, Lapland, to experience ruska as well as the Northern lights. We experienced amazing Northern lights just a few days ago all over Finland, the sky was lit with green flames and the next day social media channels were full of photos of the mesmerizing lights.



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