Rhubarb heaven


When living in a country with four distinctive seasons, every year has some events that are like milestones for the season changes.. And no, I’m not talking about the ice hockey championships! While rest of Finland has been glued to the TV to watch will Finland bring home the gold medal this year like in 1995 and 2011, I’ve been gardening. My milestone from spring to beginning of summer is the first harvest of rhubarb.

This year summer seems to have started really yearly. It’s not even June and the lilacs are blooming.. Usually that is just before mid-Summer!

As my rhubarbs had survived the winter and started giving harvest, I decided to bake a pie. Rubarb is also great for kisel and compote.

WP_20160522_004 (2)

Turned out I was a little bit overly positive regarding the amount of my rhubarb harvest (as I wanted to make a full baking tray) , but I added on some strawberries. Those unfortunately weren’t yet from my own garden, but hopefully by July I’ll have strawberries growing too. And if not, the markets will offer the sweet Finnish strawberries for sure.


Here’s the recipe if you want to try:

Rhubarb pie

1 litre of soured milk (‘piimä’)

5,5 dl of organic sugar

11 dl of flour (I used gluten free)

3 tea spoons of baking soda

2 – 3 dl of melted butter

3- 6 dl of rhubarb

Mix all ingredients in the above order, pour on a baking tray and add the rhubarb on top. And if you want, season with cinnamon and sugar. Bake in the oven in 175 degrees celsius for 40 – 60 minutes. The same recipe works with berries and apples etc.

Enjoy with vanilla ice-cream or vanilla custard!

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Spring, finally!


Spring has come with full speed in May. Flowers are blooming and nature is full of different shades of green. Birds start singing in the early morning hours..

Today I decided to make a visit to the Suomenoja, to see the various water birds that live by the sea bay.


There were plenty of bids nesting within sight from the towers that are built for the birdwatchers.


Although I went to see the water birds, it was actually couple of muskrats that eventually stole my attention 🙂


Muskrats look so cute! One of them almost crossed paths with a coot.


The nature by the bay was also very pretty, with flowers..


After the white winter it feels good to have so many colorful flowers around!


Nature with its animals is the best entertainment, there is always something going on ..just go and explore!