Spring, finally!


Spring has come with full speed in May. Flowers are blooming and nature is full of different shades of green. Birds start singing in the early morning hours..

Today I decided to make a visit to the Suomenoja, to see the various water birds that live by the sea bay.


There were plenty of bids nesting within sight from the towers that are built for the birdwatchers.


Although I went to see the water birds, it was actually couple of muskrats that eventually stole my attention 🙂


Muskrats look so cute! One of them almost crossed paths with a coot.


The nature by the bay was also very pretty, with flowers..


After the white winter it feels good to have so many colorful flowers around!


Nature with its animals is the best entertainment, there is always something going on ..just go and explore!


2 thoughts on “Spring, finally!

    1. Thank you, I really enjoy photographing nature! I only now noticed I have comments for the blog so thus the late reaction to your comment.


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